Monday, June 22, 2009

14 footer for Brett

Brett Layton a local Gold Coaster normally rides a short board , but decided he wanted a cruiser for small days. He had a mate design a 14 foot board in Aku Shaper and I put the file through template maker for him. Then he had the frames cnc routed out of ply.
Cable ties hold it all together prior to gluing
All glued up , one big frame.
6mm Paulownia sheets and Cedar pin lines

Lots of clamps and a lot of running around a 14 foot board to glue the skins on by yourself.

Yes she will be a cruiser.
All ready to trim the skins to the rail band and then add the rails in strips of Paulownia. Brett wants to not glass the whole board and just oil the wood . Paulownia won't take in salt water and with oiling like you do with an Alaia it should be fine.

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