Tuesday, June 3, 2008

There are many ways of making a wooden surfboard.

As this blog comes together I hope to show the many ways people have gone about crafting their wooden boards. Some may be quite basic , some may be very hi tech, but they all have their merits and have taken someone with care to craft.They may be hollow , solid , chambered or composite.

Paul Jensens building method - Fish Frames

Both 5ft 10" ply frame with ply skins and foam rails

5ft 10" hollow framed fish - Ply deck and bottom, cedar pin line , laminated paulownia rails and cork swallow tail.

Richard Harvey hollow cedar and balsa short board


Harvey Surf said...

Great to see the blogspot up. As every one who has built one knows we would never get paid for the time that we spend making them, we do it for the love of making timber boards. Looking forward to getting a few wooden surfboard builders together to share ideas.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if you offer a materials needed list and instructions on how to make a board?

If you do can you email me at thesurfboardman@gmail.com

I saw the red and blue pin stripped boards and i think i want to build one. How much did it cost to make that fish?

Brett said...

Epic blog idea mate, wish this was around when i started my beast.

And great to see the massive trend to building more sustainable surfboards!!