Sunday, November 11, 2012

Another piece of Japanese surfing history come to light.

 Good friend and wooden board builder Nobby Ohkawa from Chiba has been given another interesting piece of the history of surfing in Japan. He started to look into the background of surfing in Japan as it seemed no one had documented it before. He has found that they were riding Paipo type boards back in the 1800's.
" A fisherman who live in Kamakura gave me 70’s Japanese hollow wooden surfboard, it was called “Float” .
I’m keeping the artifact in my shape room.…it would be my collections for now…

I have never seen before “float surfboard” but according to the fisherman, it was very popular in Kamakura in the 1970’s.
Every local guys surfed with it and a lot of sea bathers rented it.
Some people used paddle when they surfed it as like SUP.

I found the heritage of Japanese surfing and It may be one of the world heritage artifact."

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