Saturday, November 23, 2013

Warrior Wooden Fins from Bend Oregon

If you are building a great looking wooden board the best thing to finish it off is a great looking wooden fin. Not the easiest thing to build , so you might want someone who knows what they are doing to make one for you. Here is a great new option , handmade by David Town from Warrior Wooden Fins from, Bend, Oregon
 Nice timbers
 Nice foils
Or custom, whatever you want

Friday, November 15, 2013

The very talented John Cherry

The very talented John Cherry is known for his wooden fins and great hand shapes in foam or wood. Check this out. It is a great story on him.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Coolum Eco Challenge

This past weekend Jackie and I headed North to Coolum on the Sunshine Coast for the Eco Challenge put on by the Surf Rider Foundation and organised by Tom Wegener and Dave O Reilly of Surfing Green. Both of who are locals or there abouts for Tom.We had storms forecast but ended up with a very hot and windy day at the beach with clear skies. It was a fun day of activities in the park and on the beach.
A great day for the beach
This guy was as big as a single car garage and kept an eye on us all day.
 The surf was wind blown and on shore all day from the North which made for challenging conditions
I took 9 wooden boards for people to demo and try out. They were wet most of the day.
 A number of local groms had a great time

Still good for a body bash
These guys were getting ready for the Eco Challenge

 Great to see this guy and his daughter getting into the fun of the day and trying different craft
Tom is always up for some fun in the water
Great to see young guys who have never surfed a wooden board let alone a simmons in their lives and just come back from having the time of their lives in some pretty bad surf.
Everyone had a great time and Tom and Dave Rastovich were the judges of who had the most fun to award a prize to.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Tree To Sea , building a wooden surfboard and why.

The Tree to Sea Australia Short Film has been completed, It's been produced by Dave Mac from HM Creative. Music on the Film is by Jamroots a group of local musicians from the Mornington Peninsula.

The official launch is on Friday Night the 6th of December at Sound Bar in Rosebud Vic where Jam Roots will be playing live with the film.

The Film shows what it's like to attend a Wooden Surfboard Workshop, the people you can meet and the buzz you get from making your our Wooden Surfboard!