Friday, February 28, 2014

Off to New Zealand for the first Fish Fry

I have just been working on a couple of boards as future demos and plan to take one to New Zealand for the first Fish Fry over there.The one on the left is a 5ft 6" x 22" Hydro Simmons and the one on the right is a 6ft x 22" fish with the same bottom contours.

I can only take one so have decided to oil this one up and pack it off the New Zealand. The Fish Fry will be held at Waipu Cove just south of Whangarei in Northland near where I grew up.So it will be nice to surf and catch up with guys where some of my early surfing started . So if you are in the area when it is on come and say hi. I hope you bring some boards to share as well.

" The Cove Fish Fry is a gathering of positive and like minded surfers and shapers sharing a day at the beach. The original format of the Fish Fry was based around the fish surfboard but as the event has evolved and spread throughout the world it has become open to all forms of surfcraft, fish, logs, hulls, alaias, handplanes, mats, the list goes on. The Cove Fish Fry is a non-competitive and non-commercial event and will be held at Waipu Cove, Northland, NZ, on the 9th of March 2014.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The big hydro simmons in wood for big Dave.

Dave is a big guy at 6ft 7" and 130 kg so he wanted a big board to fill out his quiver. So I built him a 7ft 6" x 26" board at 80 litres. Here he is tonight picking it up to get glassed on the Sunshine Coast. His normal board is a 7ft 6" x 22 1/2" short board from Sunova at 48 litres. He might be big but he can surf. Thats a 5ft 6" x 19" I have that is just oiled in Lanolin. Very light with 3mm skins top and bottom. I am taking it to New Zealand in a couple of weeks for the first Fish Fry over there at Waipu Cove.
These two are all taped up with fins marked for boxes to be routed in. 5ft 6" x 22" hydro simmons and a 6ft x 22" fish with the same bottom contours in the middle and rear with a slight rolled entry in the nose.One of these may end up in New Zealand as well.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Farmer Justins new pig

Justin Tilly is a New Zealand farmer with a passion for timber and surfing , so it was natural that he should build a wooden board or two.This is his latest board.
 EPS core with timber vac bagged over it with Polyurethane glue and finished in epoxy resin.

Great grain in this deck. It is Japanese Cedar (cryptomeria japonica) that he found growing on the farm.
I am looking forward to checking it out in a couple of weeks when I am in New Zealand.

Check out more of what Justin is up to at :

Monday, February 17, 2014

Building the wooden Agave board

 Selected stick fine tuned with the electric planer
 Using the hand plane and a guide
 First glue up of two sticks
 First templates
 Templates and wood to be sorted
 Clamping and gluing sticks together
 Slowly building a blank of wood to work with
 The finished blank , lots of work for sure.
Rough shaped
Filling holes prior to glassing

Monday, February 10, 2014

Agave board made in Haiti

Simon Deprez is a French architect, working in Haiti as an urban planner for the reconstruction of some neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince.He has sent me these great shots of his latest surfboard to share with us.

"Working in Haiti might be tough so when you got some time for you, you really enjoy the crazy landscapes and even some great waves. But no surfshop around in case you didn’t bring your board, so you have to built your own!
After gathering agave wood for few weeks and find some fiberglass and resin, I attempted to shape a board (7’0 and some volume for my size and the small carribean waves), thanks to the crucial advice of thomas scott from brasil (agave surfboard expert as you know!).
I’ve just finished it today, as a first attempt, I comitted severals mistakes (specially on glassing), but it should work!
Let’s try it next week end !"

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Balsa gun

Kun_tiqi & Phil Grace teamed up for Big Wave Gun Project.
Last summer, the young gun in our team asked for a wooden surfboard to charge big waves. And when Nagai Puntiverio means big, it means BIG!
Over the last years he lived the endless winter to charge big waves in Puerto Escondido/ Mexico, Australia, Mavericks/ California or at home in Cantabria.
Kun_tiqi heard his call and found the best shaper for this job: Mr. Phil Grace !
In 1969 Phil Grace shaped his first surfboard back home in Australia at the age of 19. Since then he never stopped. In those 45 years Phil shaped for Rip Curl, co founded Quiksilver Surfboards France in 1987 and shaped boards for surf legends like Jeff Hakman.
Phil is an “old school” shaper and did a few balsa wood surfboards back in the days. Due to his balsa surfboard shaping skills and experience in big wave guns Phil Grace was the right man for this job.
The surf behavior of wooden surfboards is exceptional good in big waves. Balsa Surfboards have a lot of inertia what helps to drop down the wave´s face fast, even on windy days. Uneven parts of the wave or wind chop is absorbed by the wood and gives more stability and control in critical moments. Exactly what you need on big days!
Phil Grace & Kun_tiqi just finished the board by time for the big swells...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New wooden board builders in the UK to check out

We are a new and small group of talented carpenters, with a love of surfing, and we are commited to providing a realistic and affordable alternative to the plastic and foam body boards and surfboards which have until now dominated the industry.
We build hand crafted hollow wooden surfboards, in an attempt to make the surfing industry a little more environmentally friendly, one surfboard at a time.
We strive to do this at an affordable price, charging on average a 1/3rd less than our competitors, and even less when compared to certain wooden surfboard companies. We are able to do this simply due to the fact we are in this business because we enjoy it. We don’t pay ourselves more than we need, and we keep it simple by using manual methods instead of large, very expensive machinery.
We also use high quality Redwood (not red in colour) that is significantly cheaper than Cedar, and the only downside of this is a very slightly heavier finished product. Our boards are still a very realistic weight, not heavy to handle, just as you would expect from a wooden surfboard. Our choice of wood and our lack of unnecessary machinery means that we can afford to charge realistic prices for surfers who want something that looks as beautiful as it rides.
We believe surfers should have complete control over all aspects of the board they buy, at no extra cost. We take the time to build boards from scratch to the customers exact request.
If you would like to hear more or ask us any questions, please do so via our Contact Us page, and make sure to check out our Shop.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Eco Challenge Gold Coast - wooden surfboard expression session

The Eco Challenge Gold Coast - wooden surfboard expression session will take place on Sunday the 16th of March 2014 9am to 1pm at Tomewin St, Currumbin Beach as part of Bleach Boulevard. This event using alternative surf craft will fund-raise for Surfrider Foundation, Rise Above Plastics project while having maximum fun.

Entry fee:
Minimum - gold coin
Maximum - surprise us
All entry fees will be donated to Surfrider Foundation, Rise Above Plastics projec

Expression session wooden crafts:
Standard Shortboard
Standard Longboard

Expression session craft format:
Each craft section will have 5 surfers in the water and will be judged on how much fun they are having by the stoked crowd. Each of the expressionisters will be awarded
dunal plants as their prize.

5 dunal plants for flip top head
4 dunal plants for gobsmacking
3 dunal plants for gutwrencher
2 dunal plants for wide on
1 dunal plant for big smirk
10 bonus dunal plants for maneuver that receives collective hoots from the crowd.
At the end of the event all plants will receive a home around the expression site ably assisted by Griffith Centre for coastal management BeachCare.

Eco Challenge Gold Coast will accept expressions of interest for sponsorship only from companies that have high ethical & sustainable standards for their products or services.

Eco Challenge Gold Coast

Surfrider Foundation Gold Coast/Tweed Branch & Climate Wave Enterprises - ecological event solutions invite you to the Eco Challenge Gold Coast - first event is the wooden surfboard expression session which will take place on Sunday the 16th of March 2014 9am to 1pm at Tomewin St, on Currumbin Beach as part of Bleach Boulevard.

This project evolved from a love of the ocean, surfing, community and sustainable events. We've met many people that have the same passion for the environment and community and with this event we hope to highlight the advantages of thinking outside the square while developing projects that align with our ethical standards and leaving environmental & social legacies. So come on over and like & check out