Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nobby the Japanese craftsman...

Nobuhito Ohkawa, is a Japanese craftsman in all senses of the word. He builds Paulownia boards with a passion and in a method he has created to craft beautiful boards as witnessed by the two he brought out to the wooden board day last August. All his timber for any one board is cut from the same tree and the board is built with all the grain going in the one direction to control the flex. A coat of epoxy resin is infused on the inside of the skins and a only a coat of varnish on the outside so as to not inhibit the natural flex of the chosen timbers.He is already booked to be here again this August . And is building new boards to showcase his talents.

Check him out at

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pato's new board ready to go off to the glasser...

Some solid wood to set the fin box into later.
Carbon fibre under the deck skin for some added strength
Looking good for the other side to go on
Some nice wood work skills here for the deck detail.

Paulownia for all the construction , good idea to save weight.

This is Craig's second board and sure has come out looking the goods.He has stepped it up on his first one . You learn so much with each project and can't wait to start the next. I know the feeling.