Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Flama Surf Simmons

Here is a great email I have just in from Sergi Galano that I would like to share with you.

  "Remember last time I told you I was into making a wooden Simmons? Well, it's been a tough work, but we did it!
I'm not sure if I told you we joined forces with Montjuich Surfboards (specialized in surfboard replicas from the 1960-1972 period). We moved into a bigger workshop and now we're sharing facilities, which brings us the possibility to face some interesting projects as the one I'm presenting you. It all started with a single question thrown at Dídac (Montjuich's shaper): "would have you ever used foam, resin and volan to make your surfboards if Bob Simmons had known paulownia back in 1948?".

The final answer to that question is this amazing board. Flama designed and build a custom 8' blank so Dídac could shape his own interpretation of a Simmons surfboard. The final result is a board 8' x 23" x 3" that weights 9'8 kg, wich is almost half the weight of Simmons' lightest boards. And, rather than taking off and go straight to the soulder (as we predicted), this board is cappable of drawing clean lines in nice sized faces, and in small crappy surf it's the funniest board ever! "

Simmons Project: Montjuich Vs Flama from Flama Surf on Vimeo.

Flama Surf      and

Friday, March 16, 2012

Kun_tiqi Balsa boards in action

If you think Balsa Wood Surfboards are for old, classic surfers ? They are slow, mellow, hard to turn and only surfable in ankle high waves ? Check the "Old Men Show" staring team riders Xabi Lafitte and Olivier Eudes in Guethary and La Fitenia.

 For more info check out :

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gerard's pintail

This is the 7’ 3” pintail to be auctioned at the annual Hunter Business Boardriders Surfest Breakfast with the proceeds to go to Surfaid International.

Gerard Hatton is a graduate of the Paul Jensen board building class held here on the Gold Coast prior to the first wooden board day. Since then the lawyer from the New Castle area has built many fine boards which he surfs regularly. And this is a very generous offer from Gerard for a very worthy cause.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wooden board building classes in Victoria

This type of Workshop was first pioneered by Rich Blundell of the Tree 2 Sea fame and his philosophy is simple, share the knowledge.

Rich came to Australia in March 2011 and we ran the first Workshop in Mount Eliza Victoria. Since then we have developed the techniques further and made a few changes to Rich`s build method to keep the overall construction costs down and keep it within the reach of more people. This means that the boards you will build do not need to be fibreglassed when finished, as traditionally most board do. This is a saving of about one third of the overall build cost. 

There are no high tech machines or advanced skills required to build your own Wooden Surfboard at one our Workshops. These courses are designed at a grass roots level to enable anybody who has the desire to build their own board achieve just that!

At the completion of the 3 Day Workshop you will have learned the basic skills required to build future boards at home with minimal tools. All materials,tools and equipment are supplied, however if you prefer to use your own tools, you are welcome to bring them along.

If your interested in completing one of our Wooden Surfboard Workshops, email us on:

First Workshop to be held on 16,17 & 18 of APRIL 2012
(depending on participant numbers, other workshop dates to follow)

Contact: Robert Ivers   0409 211 751  
or  Gary Miller   0423 804 975

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wooden board building classes in London

 Paul Reisberg is planning to do another hollow wooden surfboard workshop in the UK, before he heads off to France and Spain.

The Date will be 30th of March 2012   to 1st of April 2012

The location will be the Bridge Boathouse in Richmond near London where he had a nice board building session in January :

In the workshop he will guide the participants through the process of constructing a hollow wooden surfboard with the Rich Blundell Strip-and-  Feather-Method.

He calculates the price as £250+£35 / foot and that includes tuition and all the material you need to construct the shape of your choice (Plywood stringer + Frames, Paulownia, Cedar, Glues, Epoxy). After the three days of workshop you'll have a board that only needs final sanding and laminating.

Have a look here for well tested shapes:

Or here for pictures from past workshops:

For questions or to sign up get in touch.

Paul and Sarah

Friday, March 9, 2012

The legend Joe Larkin honoured

Surf World Gold Coast is hosting a ‘Roast’ night on the 4th April to acknowledge the 50th anniversary of legendary surf pioneer and board manufacturer Joe Larkin’s move to the Gold Coast. Already a well known surfer/shaper in Sydney Joe opened his factory at Miles Street, Kirra in early 1962 and in doing so became the first commercial manufacturer of surf boards on the coast. Noted for his craftsmanship his factory quickly became the hang-out for budding surfers and later in the 60s’ a think tank in the short board revolution.

Always one for a good time some of Joe’s exploits are the stuff of legends and with the event hosted (toasted) by long time friend John JC Charlton it is expected that the roasting will be severe. This event promises to be one of the highlights of Surf World’s calendar

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hanging the Bush Pig

 Mike Connor's 9ft hollow wooden Bush Pig is now complete and hanging in the new Lennox Heads surf museum.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Grain kits in the UK now

Grain Surfboards partners with Fyne Boat Kits to offer Home Grown Surfboard Kits in the UK   

Grain Surfboards is proud to announce its new UK manufacturing partner, Fyne Boat Kits.  For a limited time, Grain Home Grown Surfboard Kits produced by Fyne Boat Kits are 10% off.

As part of Grain's ongoing efforts in sustainability and reducing their carbon foot-print, this partnership not only allows European customers to buy surfboard kits produced with responsibly managed local woods, it also allows European customers to save on shipping.

Co-owner of Grain Surfboards, Mike LaVecchia explains, "Grain began a similar arrangement several years ago with Cape Boat Works in Australia and now we're excited to be able to help builders from all over Europe get the experience of building and surfing a board built with their own two hands."

Based in the United Kingdom, Fyne has been providing DIY wooden boat kits since 1998. Phil Smith, owner of Fyne, states,  "We are very excited to be Grain's European manufacturing partner.  All of the kits use locally grown wood and sensibly sourced materials from this side of the Atlantic."

Each kit produced at Fyne embodies the same values and standards applied at Grain's U.S. headquarters. Every Home Grown Surfboard kit is backed by all the usual advice and technical support that have helped over a thousand surfers to build their own at home. Fyne is offering a wide selection of Grain's kits, ranging from a 5'6" biscut to a 10' longboard and are currently available online.

Grain Surfboards continues to push the surf industry limits with new ways to share the craft of board-building along with forward thinking principles and the simple environmental act of making things that last.

Grain Surfboards continues to push the surf industry limits with new ways to share the craft of board-building along with forward thinking principles and the simple environmental act of making things that last.

For more info go to :  or

And here in Australia :

Vinny's new single fin

 A couple of Vinny's boards all ready for some testing.

 Good looking board on a nice looking Irish day.

Shape 3D night

Many people use different software to help design and render surfboards prior to building them. Shape 3D is a high end software to design boards with and used by many well known shapers world wide. Thomas is French national who created the software and will be on the Gold Coast in Australia to promote his latest version Shape 3DX. The new version I believe has many new features that will be of interest to existing designers and those looking to upgrade. Enabling such things a foot and knee wells in the deck of paddle boards and advanced contours in SUP's.

So if you would like to find out more or network with other users , this is a great opportunity to get together and ask all the questions you want.

When : Monday March 19th 2012

Time : 6.00pm for BBQ and drinks
           6.30pm presentation start

Where : The Gold Coast Surf Museum , 35 Tomewin Street , Currumbin.
              Opposite the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.
              Phone : 5525 6380

Cost : A Gold Coin donation

You could also email Thomas direct at :

Monday, March 5, 2012

Snow surfer

9 plys pressed together then  a ptex base added. No bindings , just Eva foam grip and a leash. Not to different from surfing.
For more details check out -