Thursday, September 20, 2018

Sunday, September 16, 2018

2nd Annual European Wooden Board Day Playa De Berria, Cantabria Spain

It was such and honour to be at this years European Wooden Board Day. A big thanks must go out to Sergi of Flama Surfboards from Barcelona for having the fore site to organize this great event.

Sergi organised for us to stay at the beach in this 3 story house. It is the home of The Madrid Surf School in the summer months. Great house and this was where we met on the Friday night. Being Spain and their unusual social hours people only started to rock up at 9pm and we were drinking beers and talking surfboards in the back yard till at least 1am.
 A trip like this is all about the people and places, Alex was a real character and all round great guy.
 This guy just spent 3 days getting here on his bike from France

 This couple had loaded up the camper van and travelled from Wales to be there for the day

 Sergi's girls Rita and Ona with their boards they had painted, great supporters of their dads passion.

 Fritz came and saw us in Australia a few years back when he was on a fact finding mission about Paulownia. I sent him a couple of boards to Zurich for the companies Head office. They now have 2 plantations in Germany and and one in Spain. The end game is 2.5 million trees. They are finding new markets and partners for the use of Paulownia so thre should not be a shortage of Paulownia for too long.

Back on his bike fro 3 days back to France

IF you get the chance to make it along you will not be disappointed. A great gathering of passionate and committed craftsmen from all corners of the world. So much info to be shared and inspiration for your next project. As Sergi and I said there was probably more thought and consideration of what we can do with surfboards and the environment being talked about by this group in the one day than the whole industry has all year.

Great to be a part of it. Loved our 3 weeks in Spain as well.