Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hollow Paulownia glider

Beautifully crafted paulownia frame and board construction by Pat Lyons.Rails shaped by Wayne Dean and a happy Carl Tanner with another board to add to the collection. If you want a beautiful wooden board built , contact Pat on the Gold Coast  (07) 5599 1678  or

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Man on wood

Surf craft can't get back to basics much more than to the wooden alaia. Here are a few guys making it look easy but fun... Check out The Surfers Path  issue 67 June August 2008 lots on wooden boards.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Craig Patersons wooden cruiser

Craig is using Paul Jensens building method to craft his second board . Laminated paulownia frames and deck with cedar detail. Nice cedar and paulownia nose and tail blocks.
The rails are laminated hollow paulownia and she is ready to go off to glassing.

Bobby Crisp from Wellington NZ.

Here is a 4ft solid balsa Paipo board from Bobby Crisp of Deluxe Industries in New Zealand. And a 6ft 9" Floata short board .He also makes longboards and is working on quad fishes as well. Look forward to some updates Bobby.

Tony Crimmins first board...

Tony Crimmins first board using the Paul Jensen building method. A great looking 7ft 6" x 22 pin tail with light concaves through the back half and custom made 2 + 1 cedar fins. It is constructed with a 6mm ply frame, 4mm deck and bottom and bending ply and cork rails. Nose, tail and rocker templates came from existing boards. Glassed it came out at 9.2kg. Waiting on surf report...Nice job Tony.

The King Fish takes shape

Tony Crimmins is using the Paul Jensen building method of construction for his 7ft King Fish project. Deck is on, now for the rails and a cedar swallow tail block. Will keep you posted as more pics come to light. Good job Tony. Hope to see you at the Alley Fish Fry with this one.