Sunday, December 10, 2017

A new board from Alan Copelin

Frank's new board

Frank Kaczmarek is a Gold Coast bus driver and about to retire. He loves his surfing and building boards. Here is his latest one...
 "Well, it’s finally finished, Whew!! Last night I put on the last layer of clear-coat, and now all that remains is to put on the deck grip. I’ve got the transparent one called Versa-Traction, very similar to what I’ve got on the 9ft board and the 7’6” fish. "

"As you can see it’s got a nice concave under that big wide nose and a V in the tail section. Also a considerable rocker. Except for the rails it’s made entirely from left-over bits from previous board builds. I had to buy the paulownia and cork for the rails. The cork is from Bunnings, floor tiles that I cut strips off and laminated them with the paulownia. Hopefully the edge will be a little less lethal than other boards."

 "Being cork it has a little give in it and the clear-coat stays flexible, so it should be a good combination. All that remains now is to see if it performs well. It ended a bit wider than I had planned, but there’s always the option of building another one. The measurements are 8’2” x 24 3/4” x 2 3/4”. I used the templates from the first fish board you designed with AKU-shaper for me and made some alterations. I hope it performs well.Fingers crossed Thanks again for your help and advice."